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DSC03468-1.jpgMilitary department of Public higher educational establishment National Mining University trained reserve officers for Land forces Armed forces of getImage.jpeg Ukraine.

Graduating students according to of qualification characteristics can appointed replacement for primary positions:

– Tank platoon commander;

– Mechanized platoon commander;

– Platoon commander repair artillery weapons;

– Platoon commander repair special electrical equipment and automatics armored units.

DSCN0683-1.jpgTraining program of reserved officers designed for 2 years. To military training attracted students who are studying on 3-4 courses of National Mining University and other higher educational establishment of Dnipropetrovsk:

Dnipropetrovsk National University named Oles Gonchar;

National Metallurgical Academy of Ukraine;

The Ukrainian State University of Chemical Technology ;

Dnieper State Academy of Construction and Architecture;

Dnepropetrovsk State Agricultura- Economics University;

Academy of Customs Service of Ukraine;

Dnepropetrovsk State University of Internal Affairs;

Dnipropetrovsk State Academy of Finance;

On Military department future officers overtake a necessary military knowledge of the fundamentals ofIMG_3372-1.jpg the theory and practice of modern combined arms units in combat. Moreover students study military engineering, communication, protection against weapons of mass destruction, topography and other branch of learning.

IMGP9931-1.jpgDuring lessons on military-technical and military-specific training students learn materiel, combat capabilities and operating rules of weapons and defense technology. Practically do servicing work on weapons and military vehicles, bringing its combat readiness. Learn to shooting from different types of weapons.

Teaching in the department highly qualified, skilled military specialists having extensive military training and owns the modern method and form teaching and upbringing of students. Help them teaching and support structure of reserve officers and veterans of Military force of Ukraine.

For practical training Military department have good training facilities. It is located in separate building DSCN0687-1.jpg and has more than 20 special lecture room and classes, shooting ground, garage complex, drill ground. Moreover in military department have modern defense technology and weapon, lab ware, a training set, and computer classes. For computers develop software that allows to monitor the implementation of student exercises in shooting of weapons fighting vehicles, test knowledge of students in other disciplines.

The main part day-to-day activity of Military department is upbringing work.

It need for form in students highly patriotic, moral and psychological, professional military and physical quality needed for member of the armed forces.

At military department regularly pass meetings with veterans of war and work involved experts who give lectures on the history of Ukraine and its army. The department maintains close ties with the rector, the faculties of the University on improving training and education of students.

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