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                                                                                                KONDRATIUK NIKOLAI PETROVICH

087.jpg Head of the department of military training, reserve Colonel Kondratyuk Nikolai Petrovich graduated the Military Academy of armored forces in 1993, specialization: engineering, operational and tactical armored troops.    
  The Ukrainian Armed Forces of 01.09.1973 year. The post of head of the department of military training embraces 20 years.      
  Reads lectures and conducts lessons on subjects: tactical and technical training, methods of educational work with the military.        
   Under the head of the department developed training programs to teach students to meet the challenges in the conduct fire arms from tank, БТР-70 and БМП-2 using computer technology.
 Training manuals:
   1. Basics of combined arms fight.
   2. Materiel of arms, grenade launchers, БТР-70 weapon ammunition,  devises tracking                    and   aiming.
   3. Military topography    
   4. Use military repair in combat.    
   5. Armored personnel carrier БТР-70.
   6. Tank T-64Б1.
   7. Terms of shooting from the tank.

       8. The operation of armored vehicles.

       9. Tank technical support.

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