Dnipro University of Technology — Compliance with the Time

IMG_3351-1.jpg Military department of Public higher educational establishment “National Mining University” foundation in 1926 and is a structural subdivision of education establishment. Military department accomplish training of reserve officers:

1926-1939 – The platoon leader of ground artillery;

1944-1949 The platoon leader of anti-aircraft artillery and reconnaissance tool;

1949-1952 Underground build technician;

1952-1961 The platoon leader of regimental and divisional;

1961-1997 The platoon leader of medium tanks;

From 1997 The tank platoon commander, the mechanized platoon commander;

From 2000 The tank platoon commander, the mechanized platoon commander, the platoon commander repair artillery weapons, the platoon commander repair special electrical equipment and automatics armored units.

Over 85 years of a Military department trained more than 25 thousand high-skill reserved officers.

From 1961-2009 Military departments trained more than 17 thousand commanders for tank force. 1200 graduating students of department bind their lives with military service and successfully done tasks bind with defend of motherland.

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